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Most managers would agree that enforcing order in the flow of tasks isn’t easy, especially when dealing with new employees. That’s because there are usually many employees to give instructions to. Wise managers use a work instruction form to organize the flow of tasks.

The work instruction form details every task the employees in the organization are supposed to do. If you are looking for work instruction templates, the ones we have outlined here will be a great start.

Printable Work Instruction Template

1. Standard Work Instruction Template

Work Instruction Template


This work element sheet provides a table you can write about the tasks you need employees to do. It also documents the work steps the worker will have to take to perform the stated duty.

It shouldn’t be that hard for anyone to use if you wrote it concisely, even newbies.

2. ISO 9001 Work Instruction Template

ISO 9001 Work Instruction Template


You must have heard of the ISO certification that proves a specific service or product is certified because of stellar performance. The work process here then relates to the ISO standards certification.


can use the template to come up with your work instruction template. A clear outline of the flow of work and all the documents should make it easier for a worker to use.

3. Editable Work Instruction


Are you a laborer or construction worker looking to make a work instruction form? Perhaps you would be better off trying this construction work instruction template to come up with yours.

It outlines everything the construction site will need and the flow of tasks to be done, and by whom.

4. Medical Work Instruction

Medical Work Instruction Template


For any instructions to make sense, there is a need to have a background and revision of the previous instructions. If there have been any changes, then you also need to include them to provide a better way forward for all parties concerned.

This template will be an excellent guide for people that need detailed approaches to do things. Customize it to your specifications and use it to organize you’re your work better.

5. Fillable Work Instruction

Fillable Work Instruction


Most work instructions will have a purpose drafted for them. To achieve your goals, you will need to have set a time limit on them before getting the work instructions. The work instructions will then inform the taskers of the proper way to follow to ensure the organizations’ goals are met.

That’s what this template provides you with. If you are short on inspiration to draft such an instruction form, this template will make that a lot easier.

6. Instruction Template


A work instruction form allows you to give out instructions, and it also enables you to route the work. By routing, we mean outlining the channels the instructions for the works should follow.

As you can see in the above template, there are stages for each of the processes to ensure the instructions as understood well.

7. Simple Work Instruction Format

Simple Work Instruction Format


Sometimes all you might need to come up with a work instruction form is a template. This template makes it easier for you by letting you come up with the bulk of the instructions. After all, you’re the one that knows all you need to include.

While the other templates have information that might inspire you to develop your instructions, this one only gives you a layout. You will then fill in the meat to the bones the template gives you.

8. Projet Work Instruction

Projet Work Instruction Template


This template is ideal for project work. It lists the objectives, the description, and the completion date for the project. This instruction form can also function as a work plan for employees.

The template also breaks down all the actions to be taken to make everyone understand them.

9. Safe Work Instruction


Specific tasks need to be done under the highest safety requirements. When doing such tasks, a safety work instruction form might come in handy. It will detail all the safety protocols the workers need to take to ensure there aren’t any accidents while performing the task.

There is a need to include the

10. Manufacturing Work Instruction

Manufacturing Work Instruction


Manufacturing is one of the most critical processes. It isn’t easy to make things, and therefore, such workers need to have the best instructions to help them fulfill all the expected roles.

This manufacturing instruction template will make it easier for you to organize the task flow in the manufacturing industry. It has all the elaborate details needed for the tasks to be fulfilled as you need them to.

The Importance of Work Instruction Forms

Work instruction forms might become useless for older team members, but they are like gold for the newcomers. That’s because they might help the newbie settle into the new company. After all, they know exactly what you expect of them.

With the best work instructions, a manager will have an easier time managing loads of new workers. You won’t have to explain everything if you have details inside the work instruction form.

Therefore, the essence of work instructions forms, when you include them in things like handbooks or manuals, is that you can use them as training material. If you have outlined everything logically, then it should make it easier to use them for training.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are work instructions the same as procedures?

No, they aren’t. Procedures usually have more details than work instructions. Work instructions detail the steps for doing things in the organization.

2. Will work instructions boost worker productivity?

Of course, they will. Because the workers know what is expected, they will work better and get better results.

Final Thoughts

If you want to boost productivity, get some training materials, and bed in the new workers faster, you will need to draft a work instruction manual or booklet. Fortunately, that isn’t so hard with the templates and samples we have provided here.

Download the one you think is fit for you and improve worker productivity, especially for new workers. Before you go, check out our blank check template which you can download and edit!

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