15+ Work Order Template EDITABLE FREE [DOC, PDF, XLS]

Work Orders are a set of documents that outline the scope of work, timelines, pricing, usage of materials, payment details, and other terms & conditions of the project.

The technical parlance can be different depending on which industry you work in. Sometimes work orders are called Service Tickets, Tickets, Job Requests, Work tickets, etc but they all mean the same thing.

Free Work Order Templates Download

Below is a highly curated list of free work order templates that are handy for any kind of project. All these work order templates are free to download and use and most of them can be modified to suit your organization’s requirements as well.

1. Maintenance Work Order Template – Excel



The first work order template we have for you is this professionally designed Microsoft Excel file. The document is fairly easy to use and comes with two sheets of pre-formatted work order templates. All sections are editable and you can enter information as per your project needs.

In case you want to edit the rows or columns, you can do so. However, do note that there are some cells that contain formulas, like the Totals, and those should not be edited. Insert your company logo in the placeholder on the top right section, fill in the details and your work order is ready in no time just like an estimate for roofing form!

Work Order Template with Sections – Excel



This work order template offers a little more flexibility than the first template in the article. There is a provision to break down the information into different sections like Service and Labor, Parts & Materials, etc and you can make more of such sections since the document is editable just like this excel roll.

Once you create different sections, you will need to modify the TOTAL amount cell formula so that it takes into account all the costs associated with the project. The best part of this work order template is that it comes with detailed instructions so if you are new to creating work orders, then this template is a fairly simple one to use like a vehicle maintenance log.

3. Maintenance Work Order Template – Word



A maintenance work order is usually raised during a building works project and involves a lot of tasks. Use this Microsoft Word, work order template to document such maintenance projects. The simple template contains all relevant information to be put into a work order and you can enter more sections if the need arises.

Since this is a Word document, it is designed to be print-ready and once you are done filling the maintenance work order template, check the alignment and print it out to be put to use like a construction estimate free pdf. If you represent an organization, it would be recommended that you add your logo to the document.

4. Stop Work Order Template – Word



As we discussed earlier that work orders are given out at the beginning of a project and once they are approved accepted, the project work commences. But have you wondered what needs to be done in case you want to halt the project? In such scenarios, you can use the Stop Work Order document.

A Stop work order can temporarily or permanently halt the project operation. In this file, you will enter the same details as the matching work order like a description of the work, pricing, etc. But in addition to this, you will need to mention that you are stopping the project and then define the timelines for the shutdown.

5. Retirement Work Order Template – PDF



I know what you are thinking but the retirement work order has nothing to do with people retiring! Such a work order is usually deployed when you no longer need electronic equipment, machinery, vehicles, etc and they need to be retired. Even when you are disposing of company-owned equipment, it needs to be documented like these printables high school diploma template.

Details like make, model, age, use, department, serial number, cost of buying, etc can be documented through the Retirement work order. This two-page document is pretty comprehensive so go through it in detail and then start using it.

6. Automotive Work Order Template – Excel

order request form template


While leaving your vehicles in a garage or repair facility, you will notice that the service staff will usually hand over a document that details all the work that needs to be done along with the cost estimates. This is a vehicle work order request form. This document is mostly used by companies that offer auto repair services.

If you are an auto company, document this work order template and then make edits to it as per your needs. There are placeholders for your company details, logo, work sections like labor, parts, etc, and then auto formulas to calculate all associated costs.

7. General Repair Work Order Template – Excel



A repair work order document is generally used by organizations that operate in the segments where a lot of repair work is done. This could include real estate, manufacturing, medical, engineering, aviation, railways, etc industries that need a lot of maintenance and repair work.

But you can also use the repair work order template for small projects at home or in your organization. All you need to do is to download this Excel file and then edit the sections like one would in a profit and loss statement which you can check out here. This free template can be modified to include changes in sections, colors, font types, orientation, etc.

8. Transport Work Order Template – Word



Most of us don’t know what a transport work order is but it comes in handy for many organizations. A transport work order can either be used when you are transferring goods or for your fleets. Logistics and shipping companies usually use this template to keep track of shipments and the contents of the shipments.

The format is a little different from other work orders and here you need to track specific details of the transport, the timings, route, mileage, hours of use, etc. This can also be used as an invoice template for your transport company.

9. Field Work Order Template – PDF



A field work template is used when an organization sends its team out of the office to do work at the client’s location. For example, a company might send its service technicians to a company to fix computers. In such scenarios, the company raises field work templates and bills the client for hours of work and parts replaced.

When multiple resources are being sent out, this template can also help in delegating work and ensuring that all deadlines are properly defined.

10. Printable Work Order Template – Word



The printable work order document is a simple yet functional document that has been professionally designed. Clean fonts, well-defined sections, and a print-ready format make this document highly user-friendly. There are clear placeholders for the company logo, company details, description of work, timelines, contact information, etc.

The file isn’t too heavy and can be used on mobile phones as well. Once you are done filling in the information, check the work order template alignment and print the forms out like you do in fillable checks. You can also print them out and fill them by hand if needed.

11. T-shirt Print Work Order Template – Excel



Are you an apparel business looking to sell T-shirts? Use our customized T-shirt work order form designed just for this purpose. This form templates details information like the team names, sizes, number of t-shirts deadlines, and other details. You can also include more details in the work order form.

Since the work order template is a Microsoft Excel document, it is completely editable and anyone was work on this document, even if they are computer novices. If you are looking to job order customized t-shirts then this form will come in handy.

12. Website Design Work Order Template – PDF



Every business needs a website of its own to reach its target customers and spread awareness about its products and services. To get a professionally designed website ready, you will need to employ the services of a web designer or such an organization. A website is a massive source of information and it requires a lot of details to be put in.

Such intricate details can be captured through a web design work order form where you can mention information like website layout, design elements, page headings, linking, budgets, tools to be used, etc.

13. Purchase Order Template – Excel



A Purchase Order is usually issued when a client intends to buy products or services from a company. Even though a purchase order isn’t a typical work order, it can be classified under it. In the purchase order, you will define information like products/services being bought, payment terms, terms of dispute, etc.

Once the purchase order is sent to an organization, it audits and approves it, takes the payment from the client, and then delivers the product or service. This work order template is the usual process followed by organizations around the world! This template helps you design and deliver your own customized purchase orders.

14. IT Work Order Template – Excel



Work orders are an excellent tool for a client to mention details about their project. An IT work order template is primarily used when you are looking to get work done related to computers. It could be a hardware or a software project or a mix of both. This work order template is very popular in the IT industry.

Create your own IT work order template with a simple form developed using Microsoft Word. It is completely editable and you free to use your own design elements in this document.

15. Work Order Tracker Template – Excel



Are you someone who works with a lot of Work Orders? Then it must be difficult to track all these work order template documents coming in from various people. To make your life easy, you can use the work order tracker that helps you track the progress of all the work orders you are working on.

This work order template Excel file has sections like project name, client name, due date, approval stages, amounts, etc. Whenever you have a new work order, enter the details in this file and track the progress!

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have some doubts about using work orders then here are some commonly asked questions with their answers.

1. Is it necessary to use a work order for my projects?

To simply put it, if you do not document your requirements or expected deliverables, pricing details, and terms & conditions then it will be very difficult for you to manage your projects. To safeguard your interests and to avoid disputes, it is recommended that you document your work requests using work order request form template.

2. Who makes the work order? The client or the service provider?

Any of the parties can initiate the work order. However, the work order templates document needs to be validated and signed off by all parties involved in the transaction.

3. Are work orders the same as invoice template?

Not really. Work orders detail the description of the work, material, pricing, labor, time, etc requirements. An invoice template is basically a bill for products/services sold. So typically, once your work order is marked complete an invoice will be raised to release payments.

4. What information needs to be captured through a Work Order?

Here are some important fields you need to put into the work order document.

  1. Client details such as name, address, contact info, logo
  2. Job Order number
  3. Date of the transaction
  4. Description and scope of work detailing labor, material, timelines, etc
  5. Pricing details
  6. Tax information
  7. Payment terms


Almost every organization employs the use of work orders and sometimes designing these work order templates documents can get time-consuming. This is where our templates come in handy. Not only are they free to download and use, but they also save you a bunch of time and effort.

The above work order templates have been vetted for use across all industries and requirements so they should serve the purpose For the best results, plan your projects in advance and document every little detail through the work orders. That way you can always track requirements and see the progress of your projects. Also, before you go, check out a 501c3 donation form.

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