7+ Truck Driver Log Book Template [Excel, PDF, Word]

A Truck Driver Logbook is a book kept with the truck drivers. Here the drivers keep a track of the working hours, the driving time, the time they have spent on the sleeping birth.

They also keep track of the fuel they have used, and all other expenses that occurred during the trip including breakdowns, delays, etc.

In the article below we have presented a few Truck Driver Log Book Templates for your understanding. You can download these templates from here. They are very easy to edit too.

7+ Truck Driver Log Book Template

1. Daily Truck Driver Log Book


The Daily Truck Driver Log Book looks like this. It is supposed to be used by any person who is subject to safety regulations. The Log Book is supposed to be maintained by a person who drives a Commerical Motor vehicle or CMV.

The Truck Drivers Log Book had got some basic details such as the duty hours of the driver, his rest hours, the hours for his delay, etc also found in a mileage log template. He is required to fill in the details of his vehicle detail which include the name, vehicle number, model and color, and also the vehicle registration number.

This Log Book was preferred to be personally maintained by all the trucks drivers and they were expected to keep a track of their working hours and report it to their manager every 24 hours. But since December 18, 2017, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations have made the ELD or Electronic Device Rule a mandate. This is applicable to all commercial vehicles.

Excel Form- Truck Driver Log Book


This Truck Drivers Log Book is created in Excel Format and there are proper instructions and guidance in filling up the form.

Here a lot of details need to be entered by the driver. YOu can also add formulas into the file to automatically calculate the drivers working hours.

3. Blank- Truck Driver Log Book


This is a blank but simple Truck Drivers Log Book. The Truck driver is required to fill in the necessary details in the form and it will automatically calculate the hours as there are formulas entered in the sheet. The template is easily downloadable from here and it’s very easy to understand as well.

These templates can be prepared in Excel, Word, or even PPT format however the excel format si the easiest as it has provisions to enter the formulas as well.

4. 24 Hours Truck Driver Log Book


This Truck Drivers Log Book needs to be filled up every 24 hours. It’s a daily truck driver’s logbook that needs to maintain every day.

At the end of the day, the driver is required to fill up all the details and sign them before he submits the same to his company for approval.

5. Supplementary Work Diary -Truck Driver Log Book


This format for a Truck Drivers Log Book is also a 24 hours Log Book. These formats are also known as Supplementary Work Dairy Log Books.

In such formats, the driver is required to enter all the details of his activities on a particular day. The dates, vehicle details, and driver details are also mandatory to be entered here.

6. Colorful Truck Driver Log Book


The Truck Drivers Daily Log Book can stretch from few lines to a whole page. This one here is a detailed log book format. The color of the template does not make any difference here.

The longer the forms the more details are needed to be filled in.

7. Plain Truck Driver Log Book


The Plain Truck Drivers Log Book is the simplest format anyone can have. With just a few basic details from the driver and the logbook is ready.

The number of columns and rows in these formats can be changed as per your requirements. The template is very easy for anyone to understand and can be downloaded easily from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who needs Log Books?

As per a company policy and as per the Federal Law for Truck Drivers, it states that every driver must keeps a physical record of duty. This Log Book needs to have all the details about the driver’s working hours, his breaks, etc. The Log Book needs to be maintained every 24 hours unless the driver stays within a radius of 100 miles from his office.

2. What details should a Truck Drivers Log Book contain?

A Truck Drivers Log Book should have all the details about the car, the driver’s name and address, the date of the registration of the respective car. It should also have details such as the car’s previous owner’s details (if any), the color of the vehicle, the model number, and other details of the car.

3. Why do you need a logbook?

Having a logbook is very important for the owner of the vehicle as t proves the ownership of the vehicle. This Log Book is also an important document as it is needed by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority also known as DVLA. Moreover, the log Book racks the vehicle details such as the registration and taxation history of the vehicle.


A Truck Drivers Log Book is also known as The National Driver Work Diary. This book acts as evidence that the driver is not exceeding his work duty hours and is getting enough rest. This evidence is required by the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) to ensure that the health of the drivers is not compromised.

In most cases, vehicles whose weight is more than 12 tonnes are required to keep the Log Book. Vehicles of such weight fall under the Heavy Weight Vehicle and need proper regulations and checkups. Hope you enjoyed reading today’s article and found it helpful. You can download any template of the Truck Drivers Log Book from any of the above.

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